Camper Information 2017



There is one Camp Counselor in each cabin and she is your newest friend! Camp Counselors will facilitate your transition to camp life ... When you arrive at camp, your counselor will help you get settled, answer questions, and introduce you to your fellow cabin mates. She'll also organize your cabin's skit on Friday night! Camp Counselors are campers, too, and will be attending classes and activities like everyone else.


All the 1930s redwood cabins at Westerbeke Ranch are painted white with different colored trim -- Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Yellow. Each cabin is unique, all the rooms are different -- this is not Motel 6! There are luggage racks at the foot of each bed. Some of the rooms have a dresser and/or a closet, but storage is limited so try not to overpack! Towels and bedding are provided, toiletries are not. Rooms are cleaned daily.


We all are bringing our valuable camera gear and laptops to Camp! Please be aware that there are no locks on cabin doors. Westerbeke Ranch is the Westerbeke family home. The staff members are like family members. We have exclusive use of Westerbeke Ranch -- it's just us. If you feel more comfortable locking your valuables, you may lock them in your car or in one of our classrooms (the only rooms that have locks!) We will have a Key Hostess -- like in Eat, Pray, Love -- and will let you know at Camp the times you can get and store your valuables.


Swim suit (bring it!). Comfortable shoes for the dirt/gravel paths (no heels). Maybe some fingerless gloves. Maybe something special -- no need for fancy! -- for our Saturday night dance or your Saturday afternoon Winery Tour or Exploring Sonoma if you signed up for that (Sonoma is very casual). Yoga/hiking clothes if you want to partake in our early morning yoga/hiking. Travel mug if you want to bring tea/coffee/cocoa to class or your cabin. Maybe a water bottle (there are cups and filtered water outside each classroom). Maybe a flashlight. Maybe a little clip-on-your-book reading light. Check the weather right before camp to orient your wardrobe :-)


The food at Westerbeke Ranch garners rave reviews! There is a 15-minute warning bell and a second bell that rings when the meal is served. Please arrive on time for the buffet-style meals. 
Meal times are: 
Breakfast: 8am
Lunch: 12:30pm
Dinner: 6:30pm
And there will be snacks! Besides your three meals each day, we will provide appetizers during Magic Hour 5-6:30pm and snacks during our evening activities.


The always-open Cantina offers beer, wine, and other beverages and snacks on the honor system.
Write down what you take and pay for it when you check out. Cool, right?! You are welcome to bring your beer/beverage/bottle of wine to the table during meals, evening activities, or your cabin and put it back in the Cantina to finish off later. Bottles of wine run from $21 to $33, a sixpack of beer is $3.75 and assorted sodas are $2.75 (plus tax). If you want to bring your own wine/beer from home, there is a $6 corkage fee for each bottle of wine or six-pack. Hard alcohol is not allowed.


1. Winery Tour & Tasting participants: Your luxury shuttle bus departs at 1:30pm and brings you back to the Ranch at 6:30pm, just in time for dinner. There will be snacks on the shuttle bus. You will visit three wineries. Tour and tasting fees are included. Bring money if you want to purchase wine to take home or have shipped! Please make out your $100 check to Firefly Institute and give it to me when you arrive at camp or send to me before camp at: Pam Sogge, 1962 Hoover Ave, Oakland, CA 94602.

2. Sonoma Plaza Exploring & Shopping participants: Your luxury shuttle bus departs at 2pm and brings you back to the Ranch at 5:50pm. You will be dropped off close to the Plaza and picked up at the same location at 5:30pm. Bring money if you want to go shopping or sit in a café!

3. Stay & Relax at the Ranch participants: Relax. Enjoy the Ranch. Hot tub. Book a massage. Print photos. Walk the labyrinth. Play ping pong or bocce ball. Chat with your new friends. Or take pleasure in doing nothing at all in the beautiful surroundings at the Ranch.


Massages may be booked before camp directly through Westerbeke Ranch at or may be booked in the Ranch office during your stay. Best times for massage are during Magic Hour 5-6:30pm Thursday/Friday, or any time Saturday afternoon if you are staying at the Ranch. $100/hr.


You will find free earplugs and chocolates in the Ranch Store! They also stock some jewelry, cute tunics, greeting cards


We will have printers, ink, and paper for you to print your photos in the Casa Nueva Annex any time when class is not in session.


My wish for you is to have a real retreat at Camp, to immerse yourself in our experience and time together, and ... to unplug and be offline! Of course, you will be using your iPhones to make photos and your laptops to process and print your photographs. How about you put your devices on Airplane Mode so you can still use your camera but not be interrupted by notifications from the outside world? How about you create an auto-reply for your email saying you'll be offline until you leave Camp? How about you tell your work and people at home that you will be unavailable during this time? I hope that you will! In case of emergency, tell your people to call Westerbeke Ranch at 707-996-7546 during the day. After hours, they can call me at 415- 717-6426. For those of you who absolutely must make calls, please do so in the privacy of your own room as long as it doesn't disturb your roommates. If you absolutely must be online, please do so only in the Casa Nueva annex where there is wifi. And please see my blog post about the benefits of being offline.


All of your classes, lodging, food/snacks, and evening activities are included. If you make purchases in the Cantina or the Ranch store, or get a massage, you will pay for those when you check out on Sunday. You may want to bring money/credit cards for purchases you make on Saturday afternoon on the Winery Tour or visiting Sonoma. Tipping at Westerbeke Ranch is not necessary.


Campers: Please arrive at Westerbeke Ranch between 4-5:30pm on Wednesday, October 11.
Camp Counselors: Please arrive at 3:00pm to get settled in before campers arrive at 4:00pm.
Teachers: Please arrive anytime between 3-5:30pm to get settled in before Opening Ceremony.
Our Opening Ceremony starts at 6pm and it would be great if everyone can get settled in before!


On our final day Sunday October 15, our Closing Ceremony is after breakfast from 9-9:15am. You will need to be out of your cabins by 10am and depart by 11:30am. Please check out at the Ranch office before you leave (snif snif).