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Beautiful Light Anywhere

With Michelle Turner


What do you do when you are a natural light photographer who finds the perfect scene but the natural light does not cooperate?  What if you have the perfect background, but the light is dull or inappropriate for the scene? In this class we'll explore strategies for supplementing existing light to make incredible images. We'll cover everything from assessing and shaping the available light to making the decision about when, where, and how to create light with flash (both on- and off-camera) and continuous light in order to create beautiful images.

  • You will learn: How to assess the natural light and shape it with a reflector and scrim, if necessary. If the natural light isn't great, you'll learn how (and when) to choose continuous light or flash to supplement the light in the scene.

  • Hands-on work will include practice shooting in the field.

  • What campers need to bring to class: camera and a reflector. We'll also discuss continuous light, so feel free to bring an Ice Light or continuous light source if you happen to already own one and you can practice with that as well.


About Michelle Turner
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Michelle's photography is a wildly fun, all-or-nothing, bold, brazen, adventure-laden experience, akin to the likes of a magazine shoot. From Puerto Vallarta to Maine, Pennsylvania to the world at large, the places she shoots shape her photography as much as the people she photographs. In 2015, Michelle was named one of the top 100 wedding photographers in the U.S. 

Michelle has published two books about fashionable wedding photography and speaks at numerous conventions and events throughout the year on light, flash photography, posing and composition. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including Harpers Bazaar, Rangefinder, and Bride's Magazine. 

She currently resides in Maine and Pennsylvania, although her photography assignments take her all over the world and she spends a significant part of each winter in Mexico, Central America and Europe.