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Photo Adventures: Play with Infrared, Lensbaby and More

With Laurie Klein 


Immerse yourself in creative play with tools that fundamentally change the look of your photography. Laurie is known for her infrared photography. Here’s your chance to learn with an expert! We will have on hand a few infrared cameras as well as Lensbaby lenses and plastic cameras for you to experiment with. Just come and play! Laurie will turn you 360 degrees with exercises and thought-provoking themes and then put you right back where you started with new views, new stories, and new ideas for your photographic creativity. This class is for photographic adventurers who want to generate new paths for their photography.

  • You will learn how infrared works and the artistic effect of Lensbaby and other specialty lenses.

  • Hands-on work will include playing and shooting with Laurie’s infrared cameras, Lensbaby lenses (for Canon, Nikon, Lumix, Sony and iPhone) and the other toys Laurie brings along. Laurie will watch you shoot and give you feedback and ideas.

  • Bring to class at least two cameras (one can be your phone), your notebook, a compact Flash card and an SD card so you can take home the images you capture with some of “Laurie’s toys.”


About Laurie Klein
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Laurie is recognized worldwide for her arresting infrared photography. Her work embodies a soft passionate style that very often depicts the feminine experience, relationships and natural landscapes. She was a protégé of the iconic photographer Ansel Adams. She teaches her craft and mentors students of all ages including fine art students and professional photographers throughout the world. Her work has appeared in hundreds of magazines and she is the published author of three critically acclaimed books. Laurie is also an accomplished motivational speaker and spiritual guide who conducts workshops for women in transition.

She received her M.F.A. from Ohio University and her B.F.A. from R.I.T.


Later Event: October 12
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