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Self Stories Through Words and Images

With Meghan Davidson

Are you drawn to memoir? Do stories of people compel you? What about YOUR story? Do you yearn to tell your story, in your own words? Or does that completely terrify and intimidate you? Either way, this class is for YOU! In this class, we will work to loosen the barriers between you and your writing. Barriers like negative self-talk, uncertainty about how to dive in, and what to write about yourself. We will focus on ways to open up to the voice in you that has something to say – and we ALL have one of these. We will write, share, and write some more, focusing more on the process and journey of telling your story. For a complete day of self-exploration and expression, combine this class with the morning's class in self-portraiture.

  • You will learn to play with various writing prompts to open up your voice to tell YOUR stories. Also, you will learn how to break through the obstacles that impede you from telling your story. We will explore the connections between your photography and your self-stories.

  • Hands-on work will include writing from prompts, writing from your photographs, and learning to trust the voice inside yourself.

  • Bring to class a notebook and pen (or laptop if you prefer), three to five photos of YOURSELF that speak to you on a deeper level (these photos can be current or from any time in your life), your open heart, and a camera.


about Meghan Davidson
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Dr. Meghan Davidson is a self-taught photographer who just completed a project creating a self-portrait using Polaroid film each and every day for a year. She is currently writing a memoir using these Polaroids as the framework for the book. Meghan is a lover of Polaroid and film, as well as digital photography. She is also a regular contributor to the collective photography website and blog, ViewFinders (formerly Mortal Muses) and on her own blog Life Refocused

Meghan's Polaroid self-portraiture has been exhibited at the IMPOSSIBLE Project NYC. Her work has been published in UPPERCASE, Digital Photo, Artful Blogging, and Mingle magazines, and included in the crowd-sourced book, This is Happening, published by Chronicle Books. Meghan has had four invited gallery shows in her current hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska, where she was awarded the Fan Favorite Award for the 2011 Lincoln PhotoFest. 

Meghan is also a Ph.D. psychologist conducting research and teaching at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. She is also a licensed therapist and maintains a small private practice working with clients to help them with their goals and dreams.