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Photographing People in a Landscape


In the beautiful fall light on Westerbeke Ranch we will discuss and select locations based on lighting, composition, scenic content, and the relationship between the landscape and our subjects. Through role playing, storytelling, and posing techniques we will combine the major elements of landscape and portraiture to create dynamic compositions and photographic narratives. Laurie will teach you the art of photographing nature she learned from Ansel Adams, and how to pose people in that landscape. You will leave with a better understanding of how to combine the beauty of the natural world and your human subjects so that each enhances the other. 

  • You will learn how to capture the relationship between nature and the human spirit in your photography.
  • Hands-on work will include on-location photographing and working with human subjects (other campers) in a landscape photograph. 
  • Bring to class your camera, thumb drive, and notebook.


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Laurie is recognized worldwide for her arresting infrared photography. Her work embodies a soft passionate style that very often depicts the feminine experience, relationships and natural landscapes. She was a protégé of the iconic photographer Ansel Adams. She teaches her craft and mentors students of all ages including fine art students and professional photographers throughout the world. Her work has appeared in hundreds of magazines and she is the published author of three critically acclaimed books. Laurie is also an accomplished motivational speaker and spiritual guide who conducts workshops for women in transition.

She received her M.F.A. from Ohio University and her B.F.A. from R.I.T.