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Understanding Exposure

With Michelle Turner

Have you ever stumbled across the perfect moment or the perfect scene, only to be disappointed when you end up with an image that is much too dark, blurred, or just doesn't look the way you want it to?  In this class we'll really dive into the fundamentals of exposure and take control of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed to create better images straight out of camera. 

  • You will learn the ins and outs of exposure, including an in-depth look at ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.  You'll learn how (and when!) to use exposure compensation, evaluate a histogram to make sure your exposure is correct, and make decisions about the exposure triangle to create images that more closely match your creative vision straight out of camera.  
  • Hands-on work will include looking at some images while we review the exposure triangle and histograms; then we'll get out and practice shooting in the field.  At the end of the class we'll evaluate the in-camera choices we made while shooting.
  • Bring to class your camera and lens. That’s all you need!  If you prefer to evaluate your images on a computer screen or an iPad rather than on your camera's much smaller LCD, bring a laptop along!




About Michelle Turner
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Michelle's photography is a wildly fun, all-or-nothing, bold, brazen, adventure-laden experience, akin to a magazine shoot. From Puerto Vallarta to Maine, Pennsylvania to the world at large, the places she shoots shape her photography as much as the people she photographs. In 2015, Michelle was named one of the top 100 wedding photographers in the U.S. 
Michelle has published two books about fashionable wedding photography and speaks at numerous conventions and events throughout the year on light, flash photography, posing, and composition. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including Harper’s Bazaar, Rangefinder, and Brides Magazine. 
She currently resides in Southern California, although her photography assignments take her all over the world and she spends a significant part of each winter in Mexico, Central America, and Europe. 


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