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Creativity and Vulnerability

With Meghan Davidson

Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.

Brené Brown

Photography, like any other artistic endeavor, pushes our creativity to emerge. However, to truly give ourselves over to the creative process, we have to embrace and step into our vulnerability. By not stepping outside of our comfort zones, we play it safe, and safety isn't typically a place where creative, new ideas, and freedom of expression live. As we take our armor off, revealing more of who we really are and who we are truly yearning to be, we step into spaces of vulnerability. We dip a toe outside our comfort zone. Maybe we even let down the mask of who we present to the world, and reveal a truer version of ourselves. From that space, we greet our authentic selves. Although this can be scary, uncomfortable, unsettling, this "vulnerability is the birthplace of creativity."

This class, led by a creative psychologist trained in the work of Brené Brown, will explore the topics of vulnerability, authenticity, and courage. By delving into these areas and our lived experiences of them, we can tap into our creativity, our photographic journey, more fully. We will first spend some time getting grounded through some breathing and light stretching, working to get our minds and souls centered, and in to a space of lovingkindness. Next, we will use some journaling and writing exercises to explore our experiences of vulnerability and authenticity. We will then use these to bolster our courage to walk more boldly down our path of creativity and photography.

  • You will learn: to create a safe space for vulnerability and authenticity to arise. You will learn to practice courage in your photographic pursuits.

  • Hands-on work will include: focused attention on our bodies, minds, and souls; exploration of fears and creative blocks; discovery of creative pursuits on your photographic path; journaling/writing, and shooting.

  • Bring to class: a notebook/journal & pen (laptop if you really super need it to journal, but pen and paper are best!), camera of your choosing, self-timer/remote, and tripod (if you have one).


about Meghan Davidson
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Dr. Meghan Davidson is a self-taught photographer who completed a project creating a self-portrait using Polaroid film each and every day for a year. Meghan is a lover of Polaroid and film, as well as digital photography. Her Polaroid self-portraiture has been exhibited at the IMPOSSIBLE Project NYC. As well, her work has been published in UPPERCASE, Digital Photo, Artful Blogging, and Mingle magazines, and included in the crowd-sourced book, This is Happening, published by Chronicle Books. Meghan has had four invited gallery shows in her current hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska, where she was awarded the Fan Favorite Award for the 2011 Lincoln PhotoFest. 


Meghan is also a licensed psychologist and certified yoga teacher. Her current passion is combining these two areas of psychology and yoga into a holistic approach for healing and living with purpose, intention, and wholeheartedness. Meghan’s dharma is to spread love, and help others awaken into the very best versions of themselves living their goals and dreams.


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