Evenings at camp are
summer-camp style FUN!

We sing, we dance, we tell stories, we laugh ... Oh how we laugh! 


Wednesday Evening: Keynote with Preston Gannaway


Our first evening sets our tone of fun, inspiration, kindness and the power of photography. Our Keynote speaker Preston Gannaway will share her journey as a photographer and how she came to concentrate on long term projects and photographing intimate moments.  

learn more about Preston: www.prestongannaway.com


Thursday Evening

Body of Sound: A Journey into Rhythm, Voice & Movement


Alyssa DeCaro leads us in a Body of Sound experience. Lighthearted, fun and exhilarating Alyssa brings us together to clap our hands, stomp our feet and create sound together. Our body is our most essential instrument, we will combine rhythm voice and movement to create our unique body of sound.


Friday Evening

Let there be light!

First Annie Griffith will share the impact of 2018 Firefly camp donations to Ripple Effect Images. Including many solar lamp projects.

Annie is followed by a special opportunity to shoot in the dusk and dark with Christine Kenyon. After a brief orientation to “shooting at night” we will gently light things up around Westerbeke Ranch.

Christine’s dog Rusty enjoys teh night sky.

Christine’s dog Tuffy enjoys the night sky.


Saturday Evening

Don’t be late for free time!

Our last evening together is casual creative celebration. Sip some wine, talk, laugh, have a snack, listen to music. Snap a final photo of your camp-mate, print it and stick it in your camp book.