The Firefly Institute is a proud supporter of Ripple Effect Images, a non-profit organization helping women and girls around the world through photography. Several National Geographic photographers, all women, donate their time and expertise by photographing women and girls in developing countries. Their photographs live in the Ripple Effect Image archive and are available - free of charge - for use by other non-profit organizations with programs for women and girls in developing countries.

Help a woman - help the planet

Amazing women photographers creating amazing photographs of women and girls used by organizations that help women and girls ... In our opinion, this is exactly the kind of organization we want to align ourselves with. Thank goodness for National Geographic photographer Annie Griffiths who founded Ripple Effect Images in 2010. 

We donate a portion of our proceeds to this exemplary organization which inspires us all to *do good* with our photographs. 

Do you, too, want to donate to Ripple Effect Images? Donate here so they know your donation came from a Firefly Institute camper, or directly on the Ripple Effect Images website and tell 'em we sent you!