Ripples of Love

Greetings happy campers!

We love photography, women and girls, and women photographers (they're really cool). And we LOVE sharing the wealth, making a difference and giving back. Right? 


As many of you know, creating Firefly Institute is my long-held dream come true. And I always wanted there to be a non-profit, giving back aspect to this photo camp. But starting a non-profit at the same time as starting this camp was just too much in one year! After a serendipitous conversation with the talented and lovely Ami Vitale, a lightbulb went off ... Let's support the most logical, absolutely-perfect-fit-like-a-body-hugging-well-worn-pair-of-favorite-jeans, already-in-existence non-profit: Ripple Effect Images.

Annie Griffiths, one of National Geographic's first female photographers, started Ripple Effect Images in order to give back in the best way she knew how ...  With the power of images. She gathered several of her National Geographic photographer girlfriends, including Ami, and formed this collective to provide storytelling resources to groups who work to improve the lives of women and girls.

It's a ripple effect of girl power love via photography making an impact. It doesn't get any better than that!

Firefly Institute is the very proud supporter of Ripple Effect Images and we are glad to donate a portion of our proceeds to further their good work. We at Firefly want to spread the love and shout from the rooftops so that Ripple can do even more for women and girls around the world who need our help.

Since it is the season of love, now is the time to give generously. We encourage you to support Ripple and show your love in whatever way feels right and good to you. Maybe you like to make grand proclamations of love, or maybe you prefer quiet murmurs in the ear. Whatever your style, here are some ways to show your love to Ripple Effect Images:

o   Make a donation from the Firefly Institute page:

o   Make a donation from the Ripple Effect Images website: and tell them we sent you!

o   Sign up for GoodSearch or Amazon Smile which will donate a portion of the purchase price while you are doing your regular shopping, with no extra cost to you:

o   Donate specific amounts and receive gorgeous photographic gifts from Ripple (please note "Gift of Ripple" in the memo of the check):

o   Give your appreciated stock and avoid paying capital gains tax (when you donate your asset to a charity):

o   Like the Ripple Effect Images FB page:  

o   Tell your friends and social share about Ripple

Annie Griffiths / Ripple Effect Images

Annie Griffiths / Ripple Effect Images

Another cool thing: Annie is our kickoff speaker at our October 2017 photo camp!

And another funny thing: During a phone meeting with the Ripple team, I was surprised that Annie herself got on the line. I blurted out, "Annie, you're my hero!" Couldn't help myself. She is. 

So may we Firefly Institute fireflies fill the sky with our light and love! Help a woman. Help the planet. Shine your light, spread your love. Give generously. 

Happy V Day. 

Much love,