Camper Close Up with Katrina Kennedy

Hello Friends, 

I hope your summer is offering you expansive wide angle spaces, and that you're getting close up to many a BBQ! 

We here at Firefly Institute HQ decided to give you a close up view of several of our photo campers, starting today. We thought you'd like to learn more about what kind of person goes to photo camp, and why? 

Ready for her close up, here is Katrina Kennedy:


Would you please tell us a little about yourself? 

I am a mom, wife, gardener, business owner, photographer, writer, and lover of learning. I train trainers (the corporate kind, not the athletic kind) by day and run CaptureYour365 -- a community inspiring people to make pictures every day -- in the nooks and crannies of my life.

What inspired you to start a 365 project?

I was inspired by friends to try out a 30-day photo project. On day 31, I was hooked and just kept going. I’m a sentimental, memory hoarder, so a 365 project was made for me!

You missed one day since starting your 356 project in 2008 ... What happened that day?

I didn’t even realize I’d missed that day until much later in the year. Looking at photos from the day before and after I know that I was being mom to a toddler and cleaning house in anticipation of houseguests. Just living life.

Why did you create the CY365 community? How did that evolve?

I wanted to create a community to share ideas, inspiration, and support about everyday photography. I wanted to share my passion for capturing life with others who felt the same need. I was involved with the scrapbooking community, teaching photography classes and writing a blog. It was a natural next step to create a community focused on all things everyday photography.

How do you come up with your monthly Photo Challenge lists?

In our first years, I created the CY365 lists letting the time of the year drive my choices. I now write the theme for each week and the CY365 Creative Team add the rest of the prompts. I love the variety of perspectives the team brings.

Why did you register for Firefly Institute? What part of photo camp are you most excited about? 

As my son gets older, the focus of my photography is shifting. I signed up for Firefly Institute to reignite my love for my photography, to be reminded to see the beauty in daily life, and to slow down. I'm excited to hold my camera for myself, for the pure love of the art without deadlines or requirements. And the friends. 


Thank you, Katrina, for sharing yourself with us ... We look so forward to seeing you in person at camp! 


You can join in the everyday photography movement at CaptureYour365, with the help of Kristina's August Photo Challenge list of prompts. Happy summer shooting, everyone!