Letter to My Fireflies

Dear Fireflies,
Please forgive me for taking so long to write to you ... As soon as camp was over, it was time to start planning for NEXT year!
Rest assured that
 returning Fireflies will be able to pre-register for next year's camp. Pre-registration will open in early February; camp is October 11-15, 2017. We think camp will fill quickly next year, so remind your friends they'll need to sign up early to get a spot when regular registration opens. We'll keep you posted on classes, teachers, registration dates and other details.
Camp happened a month ago and my heart is still so full ... I hope each and every one of you knows you shined your light to help create the magical time that was Firefly Institute 2016 ... Meaningful connections, belly laughs, stunning property, amazing food, warm light, with such awesome women ... and our teachers above and beyond generous and kind!

Photo by Kim Thompson Steel

Photo by Kim Thompson Steel

You made my dream come true well beyond the way I had envisioned it. Thank you, truly, from the top to the bottom of my heart.
And you know how we grow and evolve and dreams change? Well, my new dream features an organic/biodynamic farm with chickens, goats, and a giant vegetable garden, maybe with a B&B or farming classes. What do I know about farming? Nada! But I didn't know anything about running a photo camp, either. I figure if I can run a camp, I can learn how to become a farmer, too.
I was hoping to find a terrific new Camp Director for Firefly Institute, and guess what? The absolutely perfect person showed up! I am so pleased to announce that the new Camp Director of Firefly Institute is Pam Sogge!
As you know, Pam was a Camp Counselor this year. I have known Pam since college at Lewis & Clark. She is super smart, thoughtful, organized, kind and downright hilarious. She has been involved in photography forever ... at her father's photography studio, forming a digital imaging company, running marketing for Lightroom at Adobe, and attending Camp! Pam was involved in Firefly from the beginning – I talked to her about my ideas, she helped me with strategy, and she introduced me to Julianne. Pam has a marketing consulting business and she has been looking to increase her connection to photography in her work. You see - It's a perfect fit for her, for me, and for Firefly Institute!
Please welcome Pam and give her the same love you have so generously given to me! Here's a message from Pam:

Hello Fireflies – I watched Hillary hatch, build and live her dream of a women’s photography camp. I am honored and excited to help that dream live on, and to host a camp that makes Hillary (who will be a camper herself next year) proud. Next year, this year’s activities will become traditions. We will get to welcome back teachers, take classes we missed, meet new teachers, hang out with friends new and old.
Mark your calendars – it’s only 10 months away!
Love and good cheer,
Pam, Your 2017 Camp Director

Sending big hugs and much love from Camp HQ,
Hills and Pam (

CampJam: https://vimeo.com/191686155