Welcome to 2017 Firefly Camp

My daughter is almost always right. She picks the best food at restaurants, wears the right thing, always knows which direction to turn. So last year, when my daughter announced, "You should like your job as much as you like vacation," I listened. I made the move to work at Firefly Institute. 

Firefly Institute's 2016 camp was an actual vacation for me. I shared the quiet sunrise above the fog with fellow campers, learned new lighting, editing, and compositing skills, and enjoyed time for quiet self-exploration. I talked, sang, and laughed with all the wonderful women at camp 

Just before sunrise: Firefly Institute Camp 2016

Just before sunrise: Firefly Institute Camp 2016

Of course, working at Firefly Institute is ... not like vacation. It takes coordination, attention to detail, follow-up, research, scheduling: all things that are, in fact, very much like work.

But my daughter did not charge me to find work that was vacation; she wanted me to find work that I liked as much as I like vacation. Everything I do as the Director of Firefly Institute is to extend an opportunity to women to explore their photography and creativity in the company of other fabulous women. And it helps that I love all the parts and pieces that go into making that possible 

I love finding and talking to inspirational teachers. Take a look at the work of Laurie, Brooke, Pei, Meghan, Suzanne, Courtney, and Michelle: each has such a distinct visual voice. In addition to her talent, each of these teachers is generous in spirit and wants her students to learn and grow.

I love organizing the class schedules. I wish that I, and all of you, could take every class. Check out a few of the classes and you’ll see why I’m so excited about the 2017 schedule.

I even love the logistics of managing our time at Westerbeke Ranch. Camp is more than the classes. It's about fun, music, and laughter. A visit to the Testimonials page gives a sense of the community, creativity, and inspiration last year’s campers found– and how much they enjoyed the wonderful food!

Directing Firefly Institute is not a vacation; but, lucky me, I love it just as much!

With joy,

your 2017 Camp Director