Excerpt: When women support each other incredible things happen.  It was five days of top notch teaching, a beautiful poolside setting, amazing food and a group of kind, creative women. That’s how I became a part of this collective. 

Shifting the Dialogue by Vanessa Simpson

Excerpt: The keynote speaker shared words and ideas with us that literally feed and bleed into all the other technical and creative things that all the fabulous and talented ladies discussed over the five days at Westerbeke Ranch.

Be a Beginner with Staci Kennelly

Excerpt: I had the honor and privilege of attending Firefly Institute photography camp a few weeks ago. It is difficult for me to put into words what the camp meant to me personally. The atmosphere ...

Photo Camp Q&A with Kim Thompson-Steele

Excerpt: Today’s guest is Hillary Sloss, creator of Firefly Institute – a new and ongoing series of photography camps for women.  Hillary is a dear ...

The Kitchen Table by Erica Kennedy

Excerpt: I had the opportunity of slow down big time last weekend at the Firefly Institute in Sonoma and all the feels happened to me there. I met the most amazing, talented women and shared, felt creative, laughed so hard, and smiled constantly.