"The classes I took were fantastic and I learned a tremendous amount. The food was superb. I made some wonderful friends and have felt empowered to go out and do more! "

"Awesome! A wonderful few days with talented, like-minded women. I'd come again in a heartbeat. Wonderful classes/teachers. Wonderful vibe. Great learning. Food was incredible. Setting is magical. Thank you!!!"

"I will be back for more."

"Healing, learning, connecting, laughing, having the best time ever, eating, walking, talking, meeting an inspirational group of women. Thank you."

"My camp experience was delightful, happy, full of joy and learning. I loved the teachers and the content. I learned so much essential, critical, and fun information from WOMEN! I loved photographing around the Ranch and meeting the staff who were wonderful! The food was amazing ... Thank you from the top to the bottom of my heart."
"This was truly magical on all levels. Full of light, brightness combined with a sense of solid ... open, encouraging, uplifting AND confidence building. The organization, perfect. Location, perfect. Instructors, fabulous. Campers, fabulous. Everyone was kind, generous, and fun. The schedule was not hurried and full enough ... Unbelievable first camp."
"Great food! Friendly people. Awesome yoga! Beautiful venue. Punctual. Fun sing-along, concert and skits. Wonderful classes. Educational and inspiring opening night presentation. A truly exceptional four days!"

"Amazing venue at Westerbeke Ranch. High-level learning in classes. Spirit of generosity and sisterhood from everyone. Connection, connection, connection. Yummiest food ever!"

"How much fabulousness can fit into a week? Go to Firefly camp and discover days filled with food, friends, learning, and a lovely balance of activities."
"Phenomenal week! Loved everything. I learned a lot and thought all my teachers were excellent. Food was excellent. Wonderful facilities."

"Excellent instructors!
Informative classes!
Spectacular setting!
Camaraderie, new friendships! I really enjoyed this camp. Thank you! 

"My camp experience was amazing! Since the moment I arrived and saw the sign ... Slow Down ... I was able to be 'in the moment.' The delightful cabins, awesome roommates, amazing location, fabulous food! The classes were very informative and I was able to learn a lot in such a short time! But most of all, the Love and Great Women!"

"Delicious mix of intense instruction and interaction with like-minded passionate photographers. And ... the food is wonderful!"

"There is nothing better than to relax and learn and share with fellow kindred spirits and artists. So glad I came ... "