Camp Staff

Pam Sogge, Camp Director

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Pam joins Firefly after a lifetime supporting talented photographers in their ambition to make great pictures. She got her start at a young age, curating her father’s photography collection in his professional photo studio. She was a founding member of a digital imaging start-up and then joined Adobe as a corporate leader, running marketing for Lightroom, Photoshop Elements and the Photoshop brand. Pam's corporate career emphasized her real love: bringing people together to learn in inspiring and stimulating environments. From team building to marketing “bootcamps” to the free Photoshop and You pop-up event in San Francisco, she loves organizing teaching and learning events that give people a chance to take a break from their daily lives and return energized and full of new ideas. 


Jen Baxter, Assistant Camp Director
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Jen returns to Firefly Institute Camp this October as our Assistant Camp Director.  Jen is a world traveler, photographer, writer, storyteller and professional eater. At the core Jen is a creative brainstormer, active listener and problem solver. She loves to surround herself with imaginative people who enjoy taking risks and camp is a perfect opportunity to do just that. 

Kristina Rust, Camp Counselor
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Kristina loves meeting and connecting with new people and can't wait to meet YOU! Originally from the Midwest, Kristina has four teenagers -- lots of eye-rolling going on at her house. She brakes for textured walls and fields of grass, loves the color orange, and secretly wishes she were in a band (although she doesn't play an instrument or sing). She enjoys all areas of photography.


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Kirsty Prentice, Camp Counselor


Kirsty is really excited to return to Firefly Camp for more inspiration and learning.  A former Brit now living in Wellington, New Zealand, she spends her free time dragging her two 9-year-olds to the top of hills for the perfect shot in the beautiful NZ light.  On the way, she captures the adventures, games and silliness. Kirsty is working on getting in more photos, and is looking forward to connecting with other photographers on the morning photo-hikes (more photos than hiking!)